Notability For Windows

Notability is a note-taking app that allows users to take notes, organize, and share them.

Name Notability For PC Windows
Operating System Windows 11/10/7
Size 1.6 GB
Bug Test Passed (No issues detected)

The Best Note-Taking App

Notability combines handwriting, typing, audio recording, and photos into one powerful platform. It also provides powerful tools such as editing PDFs with annotations, links for easy navigation within your notes, text boxes for organizing information visually, and more.

Notability Features & Capabilities

notability features

With Notability, you can easily create digital notebooks accessible across all devices. Notability also offers cloud sync so that you can store and access your notes from anywhere with an internet connection. Notability makes it easier than ever to take notes, stay organized, and collaborate with friends or coworkers, whether at home or in class.

Handwriting, Typing, and Audio Recording

Notability supports handwriting, typing, and audio recording. You can write notes by hand using a stylus or your finger on your device’s touchscreen. You can also type notes directly into the app with its keyboard support or record audio to capture any lectures or audio recordings you might want to save for later reference. Having all these features together in one platform makes it easy to take comprehensive notes without switching between apps.

Edit PDFs with Annotations

Notability allows you to edit PDFs with annotations, add text boxes, highlight sections, draw shapes, and more on any document stored as a PDF file. This makes it easy to annotate documents while you are studying or researching. Notability also allows you to add links within your notes, which can be used as an internal navigation system to quickly jump between document sections without having to scroll through all the text manually. This feature is great for organizing large and complex documents into easily accessible chunks.

Text Boxes for Organizing Information Visually

Notability’s text boxes allow you to organize information visually. You can create text boxes with titles, descriptions, and images to illustrate ideas or concepts better in your notes. The advantage of using text boxes is that they are easier to scan and understand than plain text, making them perfect for summarizing large sections of information in a concise and organized way. Text boxes also allow you to rearrange the order of your notes by simply dragging and dropping them around the page.

Create Digital Notebooks Accessible Across All Devices

Notability lets you create digital notebooks that are stored securely online and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. This means that you can take notes on your laptop and then access those same notes from your smartphone or tablet without transferring files manually. Notability also supports cloud sync so that all your documents stay up-to-date across all connected devices. This feature makes it easy to access all your notes, no matter where you are or your device.

Store and Access Notes from Anywhere

Notability lets you store and access your notes from any internet connection device. This means you can take notes on one device and then access them on another without transferring files manually. Notability also supports cloud syncing so that all your documents stay up-to-date no matter where you are or what device you use.

Easily Collaborate with Friends or Coworkers

Notability allows you to easily collaborate with friends or coworkers by sharing links to your documents and accessing the same notes no matter where you are. You can also use Notability’s powerful annotation tools to mark up documents and communicate with others directly within the app. Additionally, Notability supports cloud sync so that all connected devices stay in sync regardless of who is editing or viewing them. This makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page without having to share files back and forth manually.

Integration with Apple’s Pencil

Notability also integrates with Apple’s Pencil for even more precision when handwriting or drawing. The integration allows you to draw and write with impossible accuracy using a finger alone, making it perfect for detailed diagrams and sketches. Notability also supports pressure sensitivity, meaning the more pressure you apply when writing or drawing with your Apple Pencil, the thicker and darker lines will appear on the page. This allows for even greater precision and accuracy when creating diagrams or sketches within Notability.

Share Notes with Others Easily

Notability makes it easy to share notes with other users so that they can view and collaborate on documents. You can also use Notability’s powerful annotation tools to mark up documents and communicate directly within the app. Additionally, Notability integrates with cloud storage solutions like Dropbox to share links to documents stored in the cloud without having to transfer files back and forth manually. This makes it easy to collaborate no matter where you or your collaborators are.

How to Access Notability Files on Windows?

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through the process of downloading and accessing annotated files from Notability on a Windows PC.

  1. Setting Up Google Drive Backup: First, ensure that your Notability app on your device is set to back up to Google Drive. Then, go to Settings, select Google Drive, and choose Notability as the destination. To avoid lengthy syncing times, select only the folder containing your files. If you’re recording a lecture, set the file format to PDF or PDF plus recording.

  2. Waiting for Backup: Once you’ve configured the settings, wait for Notability to back up your files to Google Drive. Depending on the number and size of your files, this process may take some time.

  3. Accessing Files on Windows PC: On your Windows PC, navigate to Google Drive and refresh the page. Look for the Notability folder, typically found under “Generic Guides.” Here, you’ll find your annotated files ready for access.

  4. Using Annotated Files: You can utilize the annotated files in various ways. One method is to create flashcards using the annotations. Use the Windows shortcut Windows Shift S to capture the desired diagram, then add it to Anki using the Image Occlusion Enhanced add-on.

  5. Alternative Method: Another way to access the annotations is by sending screenshots of the annotated files to yourself. After sending the screenshots, you can view and use them similarly as before.

Viewing the annotated files on a Windows PC is possible, although editing capabilities may be limited unless you’re using a Mac.


Q. What is the Windows equivalent of Notability?
Ans. Currently, there isn’t a direct Windows equivalent of Notability. However, several note-taking apps, such as Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, and Nebo, are available for Windows and offer similar features.

Q. Does Microsoft have Notability?
Ans. No, Notability is not developed or owned by Microsoft. Ginger Labs develops it, while Microsoft develops and owns Microsoft OneNote, a similar note-taking app available for various platforms, including Windows.

Q. Is Notability Better than GoodNotes?
Ans. The answer to this question depends on individual preferences and needs. Notability and GoodNotes are both excellent note-taking apps with their own strengths and features. Some users may prefer Notability for its multimedia integration and advanced PDF editing capabilities, while others may prefer GoodNotes for its extensive customization options and handwriting experience. It ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Q. Did Notability become free?
Ans. It is a paid app that users need to purchase from the App Store on iOS or macOS devices. However, developers may change their pricing models over time, so it’s a good idea to check the most recent information from the official Notability website or app store listings for any updates on pricing.

Q. Does Notability have unlimited notes?
Ans. Notability does not have unlimited notes. The number of notes you can create may be limited by factors such as available storage space on your device or any storage limitations imposed by the app itself. However, Notability does offer cloud sync capabilities, allowing you to store and access your notes across multiple devices, which can help manage storage limitations to some extent.


Notability for Windows is a super helpful tool for taking notes and staying organized on any device. It lets you write, type, record audio, and add photos all in one place, making it really easy to capture your thoughts. Plus, you can edit PDFs, organize with text boxes, and access your notes from anywhere using cloud storage. It’s great for personal, school, or work use, thanks to its easy-to-use design and ability to collaborate with others. Overall, Notability is a top pick for anyone looking to make their digital note-taking simple and effective.