How to set your default browser in Windows.

Well, do you know that you can set a Browser as your default option? The browser is one of the first essential software that you need on your PC for internet browsing. Myriads of users use multiple browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, and various other browsers. Setting a Browser as the default means that whenever you click a Link (Url), then automatically a Browser opens.

It is known as your “Default Browser”. However, by factory settings, your default browser will be Internet Explorer. Every browser has its own pros and cons.Though, sometimes we want to open links in our preferred browser, but due to the initial default settings from the manufacturer end, Internet Explorer automatically opens.

But you don’t need to worry as you can easily change your default browser from Internet Explorer and open the link in your favorite browser. According to Microsoft Edge, browser Internet Explorer is not useful for many Windows users.

If your system is running on Windows 10, then you can set your default browser just by accessing settings. However, if you are using Windows 7,8 or an older version of Windows, you must set the default browser by accessing the browser settings. After the anniversary update of Windows 10, Microsoft added various alluring features and options that help us to manage many settings and ultimately enhance user experience. Setting the default browser is one of the settings that Microsoft added after its anniversary update. However, if you are using Windows 8,7, XP, Vista, you have to set your default browser.

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How to set the default browser in Windows 10

We will guide you step by step to set your default Browser !

First of all, open the Settings app in Windows 10. You can use the Options Settings app in many ways.

Then, Click on the Start menu and then click on Settings icon.

Now click on the System tab (that you will find it in the upper left corner)

Now Click on standard apps that you will find in the left sidebar.

Here, you will get many settings with the help of which you can set the standard Video player, the standard music player, and the standard photo viewer. But in this post, we will set our default web browser.

After further scrolling, if you go to the last option of the standard apps, you will get a web browser option. Here, you can see your current default browser.

So, to change the default browser, just click on the web browser. After clicking on the current web browser, you can now see all the different browsers installed on your PC.

You can change as well as set your preferred browser by clicking on the relevant browser.

But if you are a Windows 10 user, then you cannot set the default web browser just by going into settings like mentioned above. For that, you should access the browser settings to fix any preferred browser as your default browser. For instance, if you want to set Chrome as your default web browser,then access Chrome settings.

How to set Chrome as the default browser.

To set Google’s Chrome as your default web browser, then follow the given steps:

First of all, Open the Chrome web browser on your pc

Now type in the address bar chrome: // settings /or you can easily access the settings by clicking on three dots, which you will get on the top right corner.

Then, scroll down a little, and you will get the option to Set “Chrome” as default web browser and click on it.

That’s it ! You have selected Chrome as your default web browser 😀

How to set Mozilla Firefox as the default browser.

To set  Mozilla Firefox as your default web browser, then follow the given steps::

First of all, Open the Mozilla Firefox web browser on your PC.

Then, find three lines which you will get in the top right corner and select “Option”

Now you can see there is a default option on the General tab and finally click on it.

Woohoo!! You have opted Mozilla Firefox as your default browser.

If you want to set another web browser as your default web browser, just go through the access settings, you will easily get it !!