Top 5 Free Note-Taking Apps For Windows

What are note-taking apps for Windows like? Windows itself is an operating system that is found across several devices such as PCs, tabs, phones, etc – this means that everything from stylus doodling to research tables can be used to their best potential across the system. 

These software feature broad, well-structured interfaces with unique toolbars, elements, templates, and import options in all standard file formats like DOC, PDF, JPG, PNG, etc. Taking and communicating notes in real-time is one of the best ways to systematically comprehend, manage, and evaluate a subject, a task, or a project in the present or even the future!

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Here are the top 5 notes apps for Windows users who are looking for seamless integration and high-quality production:

Microsoft OneNote

 One of the broadest and most diverse ways of doing note-taking, OneNote functions as a binder in which you can include different notebooks about different areas of your life ‘work, finances, long-term goals, social obligations, personal notes’ and as many more as you want. 

You can then further divide these notebooks into different sections assigning each one of the tabs a color. Add unlimited pages to each section, color them, design them, and format them as you want. This is indeed the best free app from Microsoft.

One Note lets you add tables, audio clips, images, videos, charts, and checklists to your content. You can easily create a group project on this app and share it with your team members to edit simultaneously!


Evernote for Windows is a minimalist note-taking software offering text formatting, checklists, file attachments, and web clipping. 

It has a user-friendly interface including notebooks and tags for organizing notes efficiently. The interface is divided into three sections:  Navigation Menu, Note List, and Note View (the last one containing the Toolbar). This set of tools usually features simple options like text color, background color, font style, and size, etc. You can even share your notes across any platform using the green ‘Share’ button on top.

Evernote offers a free basic plan with limited storage and a premium plan with expanded features like offline access, increased storage, and advanced search capabilities, priced at $7.99 per month.


Best for professionals, Notion Desktop integrates note-taking, project management, and collaboration tools all in one – combined into a sleek and customizable interface. 

Its unique features include flexible layouts with text, tables, databases, and media, as well as templates and customizable blocks. You can even create tracker pages for billing an application using teachers quite similar to basic Excel! 

Notion also offers powerful task management capabilities through kanban boards, calendars, and to-do lists, making it ideal for organizing projects. The app comes in a Basic (Free), Personal Pro ($4 per month), and Team ($8 per member per month) plan!


This is one exclusive platform that makes use of a knowledge graph to demonstrate the different notes that reflect different areas of your life. It features a sidebar, a simple Editor’s Page, and even a calendar! 

Noteworthy features of Obsidian include Markdown formatting support, backlinks to track notes reference, custom plugins, etc. Obsidian emphasizes privacy with local note storage.

The platform offers a free version with core features, while a paid subscription ($25 per year) unlocks custom themes, third-party plugins, and cross-device synchronization.

Dropbox Paper

If you plan to use the app predominantly in a collaboration setting, Paper might be of interest to you. Not only does it facilitate note-taking and project management, but it does so by allowing users to work on audio, graphics, and event codes together! 

Dropbox paper has a minimalist interface. It features real-time editing, comments, and task assignments for team collaboration. Paper offers templates for meeting notes, project plans, and more. It integrates seamlessly with Dropbox for file storage and sharing.

Not to mention, Paper by Dropbox offers a free version with all the basic features available. The paid plan, called Dropbox Plus, is made for high-functioning teams at $11.99 per month.


Windows being one of the most widely used OS gateways in the world, lets users enjoy a plethora of free and premium note-taking apps to explore and utilize, each offering unique features to enhance productivity and organization. 

Some other options that work well on Windows are Simplenote, Google Keep, Notability, and Joplin – each presenting a unique set of priorities for different users be it managers, engineers, artists, students, or home organizers!

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